Key Ingredients

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Aloe Vera Gel - Known as the "first aid plant", used by ancient Egyptians to soften skin and hydrate skin. It is considered an effective ingredient in the treatment of burns and injuries. Soothing and healing.

Argirelene - Argireline blocks the nerve signals that control the contraction of facial muscles. This produces a significant reduction in both the depth and size of wrinkles and fine lines.

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Bergamot Oil - Bergamot is used in topical applications to treat eczema, blisters, and chicken pox. Citrus-like, sweet aroma relaxes and sooths.

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Chamomile - Chamomile has long been used as a tea to soothe and calm the body and senses. Sweet and herbaceous aroma note and known for its anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Colloidal Oatmeal - Soothe and soften dry skin and relieve skin rashes and inflammation.

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Eucalyptus Oil - Highly antiseptic, indicated for skin blemishes/oily complexions. Indigenous to Australia eucalyptus is refreshing, uplifting and energizing with camphorous, sweet, woodsy aroma undertones.

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Ginkgo - Anti-aging properties containing protein, calcium, iron, and carotene. Helps to reduce oxidative stress and enhance cellular metabolism and energy production.

Ginseng - Have been used in Chinese medicine for more than 7,000 years. Relieves pain and soothes inflammation and irritation. Nourishing and soothing for the skin.


Glycerin - A solvent humectant to help the skin maintain its natural moisture.

Glycolic Acid- Derived from sugarcane. A potent alpha hydroxy helps to exfoliate and give the skin a young youthful appearance.

Green Tea Extract (Camilla sinensis) - One of the best source for antioxidants in the 21st Century. When used topically, green tea is a potent antioxidant that nourishes the skin and protects the skin from free radical damage, enhances effectiveness of sunscreen, and fights signs of aging by increasing firmness and tone to the skin.

Guarana (Paullinia) - is another gift from the Amazon rainforest that is quickly becoming popular in North America as a wonderful way to improve mental sharpness, reduce fatigue, increase stamina and endurance. Guarana has an energizing, brightening effect on skin.

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Hydrogenated Soy Glyceride -Hydrogen enriched soy oil. Soy is rich in protein and nutrients and has long been a staple in Asian diets. Nourishes and hydrates the skin.

Hyaluronic Acid - Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of connective tissue, super moisturizer, holds 1,000 times its own weight in water for deep hydration of the skin.

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Lactic Acid - One of the most effective alpha hydroxy acids. Sloughs away dead surface cells to reveal healthy glowing skin.


Lavender Oil - The name Lavender is derived from the Latin word 'lavera' ("to wash"). The Romans used it frequently in their bath routine. Because of the high percentage of linalool that it contains, lavender oil is excellent for promoting healing and for balancing the skin. Calming, soothing effects, helps to reduce redness and even out discoloration.

Lemongrass - Refreshing and rejuvenating, stimulating and balancing. Its aroma inspires and brings fresh energy and clears the mind. Treats oily skin and inflammation.

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Mandarin Oil - The oil is extracted from the peel of the fruit by cold pressing and is part of the suite of essential oils used in body toning lotions and creams to firm, cleanse and refine sluggish and dull skin.

Mandelic Acid - An alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) derived from the hydrolysis of an extract of bitter almonds. Have multiple beneficial effects as a skin treatment including diminishing fine lines, black heads, acne, and improving abnormal skin pigmentation, tone and texture. Safe for use in darkly pigmented skin types and does not cause skin irritation. Effective for age defense treatments.

Menthol - Obtained naturally from mint oils. Calms and soothes skin inflammation and irritations. When infused in grooming products it provides a soothing cool refreshing feeling to the skin after use.

Myrrh Oil- A small spiny tree found in arid regions of Middle East and Africa. - Distilled oil from Myrrh is used as an antiseptic to soothe and heal inflammation. Aroma signature is warm and spicy.

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Olive Leaves


Olive Oil / Extract - Rich in antioxidants, olive oil was called "liquid gold" by Homer and its protective, salutary effects on the skin is well known in the world and especially so in the Mediterranean. Nourishing and hydrating.

Oryza Sativa (Rice) - Used as exfoliating agents and as an emollient to forms a soothing protective film. Rice nourishes, soothes and firms the skin.

Oryza Sativa (Rice Bran Oil)- obtained in the milling process, is the part of the rice that is richest in fat. Rice Bran is full of antioxidants, such as Vitamin E, ferulic acid, linolic acid, oleic acid, palmitic acid and oryzanol.

Oryza Sativa (Rice Peptides) - Small chain of amino acids derived from rice protein helps to counteract the aging effects of stress by diminishing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

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Peppermint Oil - Herbaceous fragrant leave/oil helps to calm and sooth skin irritations. Peppermint is antiseptic and aids in minimizing bacterial infections.

Phenyl butyl Nitrone (Spin Traps) - Spin Trap is the intelligent anti-oxidant! It is a form of nitrogen and is far more effective than ordinary anti-oxidants in dealing with damaging free radical molecules. Spin traps create a barrier -"a trap" - that holds free radicals in place' so that they can be 'stopped before they scar the cells that make up your skin.

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Red Tea Extract (Rooibos) - Indigenous to the mountains of Cape Town, South Africa, Red Tea has been used for centuries by natives as a major source of nutrients. Rich in Vitamins C & E and carotene, it contains some of the most potent, protective, and natural antioxidants known to man.


Rosemary Oil - The Egyptians, Hebrews, Greeks and the Romans considered rosemary sacred and in the middle Ages it was used to ward off evil spirits. It can be effectively used for aging skin as its strong astringent properties help to tighten sagging skin and its stimulating action helps with increasing blood circulation and relieving congested and puffy skin.

Rosewater - Distilled from water and rose petals. Calms skin inflammation, and nourish and tone the skin.

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Safflower Oil - serves as a botanical alternative to mineral oil. It is high in Linoleic acid, which is beneficial for hydrating and soothing dry skin.

Seaweed Extract- Seaweed has long been a main staple in Asian diet since ancient times. It is regarded as a potent anti-oxidant and moisturizer known to firm the skin and minimize / prevent wrinkles. Soothing, nourishing and hydrating.


Soy - Long been a staple in Asian diet. Soy contains proteins, lipids (natural skin conditioners), vitamins, and isoflavones that enable it to moisturize, smooth pigmentation (evens tone and texture), improves skin elasticity, reduces the appearance of fine Lines and wrinkles.

Soy Peptides - Produced from soy protein, soy peptides are rapidly absorbed into the body, helping to hydrate and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.

Spearmint Oil - Natural astringent. Minty and herbaceous. Invigorates the mind and the senses.

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Tea Tree Oil - Indigenous to Australia, tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic. It protects the skin, encourages regeneration of scar tissues, and reduces swelling. Indicated for acne and oily skin. Aroma signature is a sharp and camphor like scent.

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Vitamin A- Fat soluble vitamin that truly works wonders for the skin, often prescribed as Acutane, or Retin A to heal sever acne and other skincare problems.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C Ester - Highly effective in preventing free radical damage and restores radiance and firmness to skin. Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Vitamin E - A stable and anti-oxidant has long been celebrated as an anti-inflammatory and aids in minimizing the appearance of scar tissues and rejuvenating skin tissues. Helps restore and maintain firmness and elasticity to the skin.

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Walnut Shell Powder - The ground shell of English walnuts, used as a mild exfoliating agent. The walnut fruit is used by herbalist to treat skin conditions including eczema, and psoriasis.

Wheat Germ - The golden germ of the wheat is a natural source of vitamin E, and acts as a mild exfoliating agent. Used to soothe and nourish dry skin and counteract signs of aging.

White Oak Bark Extract- Natural astringent and anti-septic, soothes and treats inflammation.

White Tea Extract - White tea is a rare tea produced almost exclusively in China and comes from the same plant (Camellia sinensis) as green and black teas. White tea's primary benefit is as an antioxidant, squelching free radicals and protects against sun damage and boosting the immune function of skin cells.

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