Do you know how to wash your face?

It’s not a trick question, but it’s one a lot of guys may not actually have the right answer to. A lot of us didn’t grow up with much instruction on best natural skincare for men, but now we know better and can do better, so let’s upgrade your face game with simple, best natural skincare for men that will have you looking your best.

Why should I care?

Your face is the first thing anyone sees when they meet you. It’s an essential part of the image you put out towards the world, but a lot of guys don’t quite know how to take care of it. If you’re just slapping on some water and maybe a little soap once a day, you’re doing yourself a disservice. The skin on your face is sensitive and needs a little extra care to keep it looking fresh and young. The good news: taking care of it really isn’t that hard!

Your face is sensitive

You may not realize it, but your face has different needs than the rest of your body. Growing up, you may have been taught to wash your face with the same soap you use on your hands or body vs using a natural face wash for men. If so, you've done a grave injustice, my friend; those soaps are fine for tougher parts of your skin, but your face needs a little more finesse and better natural men’s skincare.

You may be doing more harm than good

So, what happens when you use regular soap vs face wash for men? The harsh ingredients will strip your face of its natural oils. If you have an oily face, this might sound good, but here’s the wild part: if you dry out your face too much it will over-produce oil to compensate. The solution? Ditch the soap for a face wash for men like the Daily Invigorating Face Wash, which is gentle, pH balanced and uses clean, natural ingredients like white tea and ginseng to gently clean and prepare your skin for the day without stripping skin of its natural oils.

The 60 Second Challenge

Using a pH balanced and gentle but effective face wash for men is key but so is the process. Take a literal minute to wash your face and you will notice the difference.  Start by wetting your face then massage a dime size face wash in circular motion all over your face (if you have facial hair, working the face wash into bearded area and the skin underneath) and neck. You really must give it some time and let the actives in the Face Wash help detox and cleanse your face so do this for at least 30 seconds to a minute.  Rinse and then pat excess water off leaving the skin slightly moist.

It pays off right away

You should notice the difference pretty quickly. The dry, tight feeling you get from soap will be replaced with a calm, natural clean. More importantly, your skin is now primed for a great moisturizer like the Face Balm with SPF 15, with vitamin C to improve your skin’s brightness and reduce signs of aging and protection from UV-rays to ensure your skin stays looking great all day or opt for the Antioxidant Face Complex to nourish and hydrate your skin all day or night.

It doesn’t stop at your face

The benefit to skincare isn’t just a physical one. Taking care of yourself can be a huge boost to your mental and emotional health (it’s 2021, we’re practicing self-care!). Not only that but knowing that your skin is both healthy and looking great can be a huge boost to your confidence. A natural skincare regimen can make a huge difference not only in how others see you but how you see yourself, and that’s definitely worth a couple extra minutes in the morning.