Men’s facials are the most accessible and beneficial spa treatments available to men. Men can benefit from facials just as much as women can. Dull skin, clogged pores, non-inflammatory acne, and some men's skincare aging issues can all be addressed with men’s facials. A facial is not only great for the skin but they're also relaxing, reduces stress and improves mental health as well. 

If you want to look your best for an upcoming event, need to address a specific skin issue, or just considering a little pampering, a facial might be just the grooming treatment you need. Men want and deserve great skin and a men’s facial can help men put forward a confident and clear complexion. 

Why Consider a Facial?

clay mask during a men's facial for clear complexion, urth

You probably could replicate the experience at home, but it wouldn’t be nearly as good without the necessary tools, great men’s skincare products, and the hands of an expert esthetician. Put your face in the hands of a facialist and they’ll cleanse, tone, exfoliate, mask, extract blackheads, safely squeeze zits, massage, and moisturize your skin until you not only look your best but feel it too.  You’ll enjoy your skincare treatment all the more because you’re in the hands of an expert.

Women's vs. Men's Facials

Men's skin is different from women’s.  It's thicker, oiler, hairier, and ages differently. But generally speaking, the same facials that work for women also work for men. The one exception involves the beard area, where sometimes men need specific products and treatments that help to minimize ingrown hair or irritation from shaving.

How to Prepare for a Facial for Men

In my experience, no preparation is necessary for a facial for guys, and you do not need to worry if you have a beard. Most professional aestheticians are familiar with facial treatments for bearded men, so shaving before getting a men’s facial is not necessary.

Can I Get a Facial if I Have a Breakout

Yes, in fact, it is recommended. Men’s facials with microdermabrasion can help treat and prevent breakouts because they exfoliate the dead skin cells that plug your pores. However, if you have very inflamed acne, it is recommended to get it under control first with the help of a dermatologist before getting a men’s facial. 

Which is the Right Facial for Guys

There are three general types of facials for men, although every spa will often put their own signature spin on the treatment to make them stand out. 

Standard Men’s Facial

This usually involves cleansing, the use of a face mask to remove impurities, extractions (the process of manually clearing clogged pores), and then a light massage. If you don’t have skin issues or concerns and just want to de-stress, a standard men’s facial is the best option.

Standard Facial for Men + Microdermabrasion or a Peel

A tiny suction device (think tiny painless vacuum cleaner) deep-cleans pores in a way a brush or exfoliant can't and removes dead skin. Peels remove the outer layer of skin, revealing brighter, younger-looking skin underneath. A peels treatment should only be performed by an experienced professionals and they should be able to recommend the best type of peel for your skin type and desired results.

Standard Facial + Hydra-facial Treatment

These cleanse, suction out the pores, and exfoliate. Infusions like antioxidants (anti-aging), those that fight acne or uneven pigment problems can be added to create a more bespoke, targeted facial treatment for men. The hydra-facial is a deeper pore cleansing facial for men, while advanced treatments like microdermabrasion or fruit acid washes will give the skin that revitalized and replenishing clean feeling.

What Are Extractions

men's skincare extraction during a men's facial, urth

During extractions, the esthetician clears clogged pores and blackheads either manually (with their fingers) or with special devices (think a tiny painless vacuum cleaner that cleans pores). Done professionally, extractions improve the drainage of pores, makes topical medications, cleansers, penetrate better, and reduces bacteria, helping prevent problematic blemishes from developing. 

When to Get a Facial

A good time for a facial might be in preparation for a special event such as a date, wedding, birthday party, or presentation at work. The thing is, men’s facials are great self-care treatments for anytime. The treatment involves using men's skincare products and cleansing techniques you might not be familiar with or can replicate at home. 

The spa facial treatment can sometimes leave skin temporarily irritated, flushed, and blotchy and occasionally, the treatment may cause minor breakouts a couple of days later. This is just the skin purging the grime and debris out. Getting your timing right is essential. Never get a facial the day of a big event. Time it for a week before instead. By then, the skin will have settled and look its best. 

How Often to Get a Facial

The great thing about facials is that you can reserve them for special occasions or build them into your men’s skincare routine.  Maintenance time varies, but every 4–12 weeks is a good idea depending on your individual skin issues and needs. 

The Cost of a Facial for Men

Costs vary depending on the esthetician, location, and complexity of the treatment but expect to pay around $100 to $125 for a basic, hour-long facial. If cost is an issue, or you just want to see whether facials are right for you, try a 30-minute express one, which is often less expensive and will give you a taste of what to expect.

Facials are a great way to give skin a buff and polish for a special occasion, but they're also good for guys who are too busy to bother with fancy men’s skincare routines at home. The best part about facials is that they give you a fresh and healthy revitalized glow after each treatment.

For at home self-care, urth has curated skin care kits for men to simplify men's skincare routine. These plant powered men’s skin care products are formulated with non pore clogging ingredients like chamomile, green tea, ginseng and pure essential oils to cleanse, brighten and nourish skin for a healthy and clear complexion. Improved and better skin after every use. Perfect for all skin types - including men with sensitive, dry, combo, and oily skin.