Your skins surface is covered with pores. There are millions of pores on your body, but the pores that are most visible are concentrated on your nose, forehead, and cheeks.  These are the areas where the skin produces the most oil.  

Blackheads form when oil, dead surface cells, and pollutants combine into a sticky substance that gets trapped under the skin’s surface, oxidize, and turn black - completely plugging the pores.  Not only do congested and plugged pores lead to blackheads, but they also make your pores look much bigger.  The main difference between blackheads and plugged pores (aka, sebaceous filaments) is that blackheads are considered a form of acne, while plugged pores are not.

While you can’t (and actually shouldn’t) remove plugged pores entirely, you can greatly minimize the one thing we all hate about them—their appearance.  A simple skincare routine using natural men’s skincare can minimize oily skin, eliminate dead surface cells, and unplug the pores – and all of this helps eliminate blackheads and refine pores to help you put your best face forward.

  • Use a gentle face wash for men to thoroughly cleanse both day and night. Use a face wash that will not strip the skin of its natural oils, dry out the skin or compromise its natural barrier. When your skin is stripped or dried out, it tends to produce more oil to balance itself out.  
  • Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate!  Do this two or three times a week with either a face scrub for men (from pulverized seeds or powders) or chemical exfoliant (Alpha Hydroxy Acids - AHA, or Salicylic Acid - BHA).  We recommend a gentle and natural face scrub for men 2 to 3 times weekly.  You should also use a 2% salicylic acid toner nightly for maintenance.  2% BHA is gentle but effective for daily use to minimize build up in pores. Start every other day and work up to daily to keep pores clear and minimized.
  • Moisturize and hydrate your skin morning and night with a non-comedogenic (non-pore clogging) moisturizer. When your skin is hydrated and moisturized it is more balanced and will produce less oil.
  • For maintenance, use a weekly clay mask for men to detox the skin and penetrate the pores for a clear and refined look.  Clear, minimized pores help give your skin a smooth healthy glow.

      GROOMING TIP: For those with stubborn blackheads, try a warm towel compress over the face to open the pores before cleansing the face.  The weekly clay mask for men ritual should be 1) warm compress, 2) followed by a cleanse, and 3) followed by a natural clay mask.  Thoroughly rinse the mask clean, splash with cold water to close the pores, and then follow with a moisturizer with SPF or an antioxidant rich complex with AHA and BHA.