In the age of Instagram, it seems like every celebrity and male models are "bless" with strong chiseled and defined jawlines. So unless you’re one of those genetically blessed with such chiseled bone structure where your jawline could cut glass, you may be wondering what you can do to enhance definition to the outline of your face for a more chiseled and defined jawline. While your genetics is the foundation for the structure of your jawline, there are steps you can take to strengthen the edges for a more chiseled jawline.

Trim Body Fat

The lack of a strong chiseled and defined jawline is not always related to excess body fat, but if your body fat composition is high, lowering it may leave you with a more defined and chiseled jawline. If a high body fat composition is to blame for your soft jawline, exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy diet is the best way to bring some definition back to your face. Exercises targeting the jaw and neck can support the toning of those regions, but what is most important is lowering your overall body fat composition, which is best achieved with full-body exercises and diet changes.

Try Jaw Exercises

If excess body fat isn’t the issue, jaw exercises could be worth a try. Many people’s frontal neck muscles are underdeveloped, causing the region of their neck along their jawline to droop. Exercises like neck curl-ups and collar bone back-ups can sharpen the jawline by strengthening and toning your neck muscles. Additionally, they can help resolve neck and jaw pain caused by the weakened musculature. These exercises must be performed with careful attention to form to avoid injury.

Chew Gum

gum chewing for chiseled jawline, urth

If you’ve ever chewed gum for an extended period of time, you’ll likely remember the soreness that plagued your jaw for a day or so afterwards. That soreness was a direct result of the strain prolonged chewing placed on your masseter muscles – the muscles at the base of your lower jaw, nearest your ear. Studies indicate that chewing hard gum for even ten minutes a day for a month can significantly increase masseter strength, making gum chewing a great tool for defining your jawline.

Stimulate Collagen Production

If your lack of jaw definition stems from a looseness of the skin around your jawline, a beard roller could be a great option for you. Designed to navigate the contours of your jaw safely and comfortably, these microneedling tools work by puncturing the skin at a superficial level, stimulating healing processes that lead to the generation of new dermal tissue and a significant increase in collagen production. The effect being a tightening of the skin, reducing wrinkling and sagging, helping to define your jaw. 

Give Yourself a Jaw Massage

Giving yourself a massage along your jaw can aid in clearing out stagnant lymph that can leave your jawline looking soft and rounded. Along the base of your jaw exists a line of lymph nodes that filter lymphatic fluid from the body and release the cleaned lymph back into your bloodstream. These nodes can become swollen when fighting off illness or when taking certain medications. Massaging your jawline when your lymphatic system is congested can help clear excess fluid from the region and bring greater definition to your face. It’s as simple as making a “V” shape with two fingers and drawing them back from chin to ear with the edge of your jawline in between.

Try Facial Rolling or Gua Sha

Does your face ever look puffier than usual when you wake up in the morning? That’s because lying horizontally can cause fluid to pool in the head and neck. While fluid retention typically diminishes once you’re up and moving, this process may take longer for some people than others, and those with less rigorous circulatory systems may find themselves swollen for hours. If you need to look your best early in the day, try using a facial roller or gua sha tool to manually promote the drainage of excess fluid from the region. Want to up the effects? An ice roller doubles down on the depuffing by reducing inflammation through its constriction of blood vessels.

Grow a Beard

How you shape your facial hair can significantly impact the appearance of your jawline. To transform a soft, weak jawline into one that is strong and commanding, you can trim and style your beard to inhance your lower face for a more defined jawline. Try trimming your beard to just about an inch and half above your Adam’s apple and following that line underneath your jawline back to both ears. The hair on your cheeks should rise no higher than the edge of your cheekbones. Maintaining sharp edges on this shape and a neat, short length is the key to making your facial hair mimic a jawline that is more defined and chiseled. This trick of the eyes really works! 

Try Mewing

Mewing is the practice of holding your relaxed tongue against the roof of your mouth and many models swear by it. Though some claim this tongue-posture exercise can permanently redefine your jawline, there really isn’t much scientific proof behind the claims.  It can, however, create the temporary illusion of a chiseled jaw when enacted by lifting and tightening the muscles beneath the chin. The next time you’re posing for a picture, give mewing a try and see if you notice a difference.

Clench Your Jaw

Just like flexing any other muscles in your body makes them more prominent and defined, flexing your masseter muscles at the base of your jaw near your ears causes them to protrude, making your jawline look wider and sharper. To do so, simply clench your teeth. The effect is only temporary, but it’s a quick and easy way to achieve the appearance of a taut jawline at any given moment. Be forewarned that you should be careful with your teeth when clenching so you do not cause permanent damage to your teeth. 

Change the Tilt of Your Head

Similar to mewing or clenching your jaw, being intentional about the tilt of your head can provide you with the short-term appearance of a more chiseled jawline. This method is all about the angles. You’ll want to elongate your neck while tilting your chin slightly downwards and angling your head just slightly away from the person or camera in front of you. Want to maximize the impact? Try mewing, clenching your jaw, and controlling the angle of your head all at once.

Contour with Make Up to Define Your Jawline

Contouring your jawline is a fast and easy way to temporarily bring definition to your jaw. This is illusion created thru the use of make up is used widely in the fashion and entertainment industries. Using a product that is a few shades darker than your skin tone, trace a narrow line just along the edge of your jaw from ear to ear and blend the product downward onto your neck and the skin beneath your chin. By adding a product that is darker than your natural skin tone to this region, you’re producing a shadowed effect that contrasts with the tone of your skin – creating the illusion of a much more chiseled jawline.

Go for A New Hairstyle

men's grooming to create a chiseled jawline, urth

Changing the cut of your hair is an easy way to emphasize certain features on your face and draw attention away from others. Create the illusion of a longer, more trim face by opting for an undercut or a high fade. By clipping the sides short and keeping some length up top, the angles of your face will stand out, appearing sharper and more defined. 

Drink Plenty of Water Daily

Staying hydrated is a key factor for staying healthy but did you know that it also enhance the definition of your jawline? While it may not seem completely intuitive, dehydration can cause and worsen bloating, so drinking plenty of water throughout the day is important to ensure bloat doesn’t soften the region around your jaw. Proper hydration is also necessary for your lymphatic system to function correctly and the fluids to move around within your body. Stagnant lymph can contribute to a fuller looking neck and rounding of the jawline, so drink plenty of water to keep your lymph moving.

Reduce Your Sodium Intake

Excess salt consumption causes your body to hold onto more water as it adjusts to maintain the right balance between sodium, potassium, and water in your body. While proper hydration is an important part of maintaining a chiseled jawline, the retention of excess water can leave you looking swollen and bloated. To ensure that your jawline isn’t softened by excess water retention, keep an eye on your daily sodium intake and avoid consuming more than necessary.

Be Happy and Smile

Finally, as simple as it may sound, smiling is a great way to temporary define your jawline. When you smile, your cheekbones extend and the muscles of your face and neck are engaged, giving your face a lift and enhancing your lower face with a more defined jawline.

Get a Jaw and Chin Implant

Jaw and chin implants have become more popular for men wanting a more chiseled and defined jawline. A silicon implant can be placed to balance out your overall features and it is an outpatient procedure. Make sure you seek a facial plastic surgeon who is an expert at facial balancing and can show you digitally how chin and jawline augmentation will change your overall look. If you're not sure about a permanent implant then fillers can help you achieve the same look but will be a temporary change lasting a few months.

Keep in mind if you have any tweaks or treatment to your face, the balancing of all your facial features is the key to a more handsome overall look. So consider everything that might bring more harmony to your face and not just the jaws or chin.

The steps above outline ways to enahnce your jaw from normal to a more chiseled jawline. Looking our best and feeling more confident is something we all strive for so we hope these tips will help.

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