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Just how much can our skin solutions accomplish? Here’s some food for thought from our community.

I am writing to you after having used your men's skincare products for the very first time a few weeks ago and to let you know how impressed I am with the Urth range. I have been using other similar products for a few years now, but at the beginning of July, I called WellMan online store and was helped by a young lady who knew exactly what she was talking about and guided me to buying the exact products I was after, and I must say I have so far been very impressed, especially with the Deep Cleansing Face Scrub, the Face Balm and the Green Clay Mask Facial for Men.

In an age when so many products don't live up to their advertising claims, your product does everything you say it does and fulfils everything I need. I am one satisfied customer, and will continue to be for years to come. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and thanks for the excellent products.

Steven Wood, Uk

Just want to say thanks to URTH for having such a great range of men's skincare products. I have tried many other brands and have never found a range as good as URTH. I have senstitive skin and the men's facial cleanser does a great job without any dryness. The Face Scrub is brilliant and the men's shave cream superb. All products have a great smell and are easily washed off and do not remain on your skin at all. The Face Balm is without a doubt the best I have ever tried. It is the right consistency without being too heavy or too light. It hydrates all day and does not clog pores and absorbs easily. Well done URTH and I look forward to more products.

Chris, New Zealand

I tried the products and loved them. The smell, packaging, effectiveness: all of it. I will happily recommend Urth to our readers.

Brian Boye, Grooming Director of Men's Health Magazine

As a grooming guru, I try hundreds of men's skincare products a year and urth is on my hot list. I’m impressed by the tightly targeted line’s use of Asian herbs, botanical extracts, and multivitamins in their formulas. It gives guys’ healthy skin that looks as great as it feels.

Tyler Steel, Grooming Editor of Instinct Magazine

As the editor at a men's magazine, many products come across my desk. But I can say, without reservation, that the urth line is one of the best I've ever tried on my sometimes-sensitive skin. If you want your skin to look good and feel great, urth is the simple solution.

Michael Wood, Editor In Chief of Instinct Magazine

The formulations are awesome! This line falls into the “ultra prestige” category with higher-end ingredients.

James Whittall, President of Men Essentials

URTH is designed for the fellas, but plays just as lovely with the ladies. Bob sent me a sample, and I gave the lotion to my boy - who loved it - and I kept the cleanser and scrub for my face. So fresh and natural, it keeps your K brighter than a double organic soy latte.

Kristohper Dukes

Amazing line of products. My favorites would have to be the scrub and face balm. The scrub leaves my face feeling cool and refreshed and the face balm is a great moisturizer that is not greasy (despite the fact it looks thick). Just a little does the job and it is working out to be a perfect weapon to combat this cold weather we're getting here in Toronto.

Oswald, Toronto, Canada

I'm a veteran of men's grooming products. I've used expensive products from Revive to Cle de Peau. I've never experience the clean, tightening and tingling effect of a face scrub like Urth's. I can't wait for more products to come down the line in the future.

Jose Ho, California

I love Urth! It is the best skin care system for men out there. I bought the Perfect Travel Kit for my husband as a gift and he loves it. In less than a week, Urth has evened out his skin tone and given him a healthy and fresh look. And the products all smell amazing. Thank you for making my husband even hotter!

Candace Chasteen, California