This may surprise you, but at least one-sixth of the google search engine referrals we receive each month are for men - ordinary guys, like you and me who want information on how to shave your balls and shaft.

Squirm all you like. There's an immense subculture of eroticists who claim a bald bag and shaved pubes, balls and shaft makes for better sex.

Indeed, when I went online to research this subject, I counted no less than a dozen serious human sexuality web sites with entire sections devoted to the art of sensual shaving.

men's skincare and how to shave your balls, urth

Unfortunately, few of these resources offers tips on how to shave your balls safely and hygienically, this most delicate of procedures. Never one to shrink (pun intended) from the outrageous, I hereby offer my thoughts on the subject.


Personally, I think genital shaving is all about preference.  But be advised, a botched job can lead to intense irritation or worse, permanent falsetto. So, a bit of care and caution goes a long way. 


If you have sensitive skin that ordinarily reacts to shave creams or gels, then do not ever shave your pubic area or testicles. This region is much more sensitive than your face. Your allergic reaction could be spectacular.


  • Don't use an electric shaver. It'll mulch your scrotum.
  • Never remove pubic hair with wax. Waxing your so-called bikini line is perfectly acceptable. But genital waxing can cause infection, and I'm told it hurts like the bejeezus.
  • Never remove pubic hair with chemical agents or wipe-away sprays. (Does "baked beans" mean anything to you?)
  • Always shave when you're sober and in a fully alert and attentive state of mind.
  • Bribe a “friend” or a significant other to lend a helping hand.


If you have long pubic hairs, trim them with clippers or scissors. Electric clipper with a ¼” guard is best for this purpose. If you must use scissors, take a seat before you do the deed. The last thing you need is to slip on the bathroom floor and perforate your pouch or shaft.manscaping and how to shave your balls, urth


Take a long, warm bath to open the pores of your skin. Pat your genitals dry with a towel. Apply a generous layer of best men's shave cream at least five minutes before you shave to thoroughly soften the hairs.

***Applying a pre-shave oil before applying the men's shave cream will provide an added layer of protection and improve the glide.

Put a new blade in your razor. If you intend to shave a large area, such as pubic and thigh regions together, keep another new blade handy. Change blades as soon as the razor starts to drag.


This is, of course, the area around your penis and testicles. On the first stroke, shave "with the grain" to remove most of your hair. Then make a second pass "against the grain" for a smooth, close shave. Never shave any area more than twice, unless excruciating razor burn is something you enjoy.

When you're finished, carefully cleanse the area to reduce the risk of infection. Follow with an aftershave to soothe the area and minimize bumps and ingrown hairs. Cleanse and exfoliate the shaven area 2-3 times a week to remove dead skin cells, and apply an ingrown hairs serum to prevent ingrown hairs.

A daily application of baby powder or talcum powder will keep the area dry and relatively itch-free.

If you exercise regularly, shave at least 2-3 times weekly and cleanse-exfoliate daily. In fact, you probably shouldn't shave your pubic region if you don't want to follow this regimen.


According to guys who trim their posts, this creates the miraculous visual effect of an extra inch or two. If "stud horse" doesn't quite describe your manly bearing, and you can't stomach the idea of suction apparatus or surgery, then this cosmetic option may be the answer to your prayers.

Shaving the penis shaft is a task to perform with particular care. Start at the hair line and work your way in single strokes to the base of your penis. For optimal visual lengthening effect, trimming or shaving the pubic region, testicles, and inner thighs.

Combined with body waxing, a shorn package can give you the sleek appearance of a Greek god and appreciated by your partner. With or without love handles.


Why choose urth?  A good skincare routine using the best men's skincare products can help maintain a clear complexion minimizing, blackheads on nose, ingrown hairs, and redness on face. A healthy clear complexion is the perfect compliment to those perfect brows. 

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