Chiseled jawlines, it's everywhere during LA, NYC, or Paris Fashion Week.  Not only are male models fit and trim but their defined and chiseled jawlines and facial features also standout. Now the chiseled jawline trend has spilled over into the mainstream thanks to Instagram and Tik Tok and there are even jaw exercises to help sculpt the lower 1/3 of your handsome mug.

jawline exercises for a chiseled jawline, urth

Working on your jawline has become for some as important as working on your body.  This is all the more important as you age. As people get older, fat builds up around the neck and skin become looser making the jawline less defined and blend in with the rest of the face. 

Fortunately, there is a solution you can do right at home. Don’t give up the goals of a more chiseled jawline without exploring the intensive jawline exercises that could keep that jawline definition solid. 

Do Jawline Exercises Work

In theory jawline exercises work the same way as working out any other part of your body. Training will help firm and strengthen the muscle.  Everyone’s results will vary due to genetics and how often you exercise. 

However, as long as you stick with it, you should begin to see some results over time. The important thing is do it in conjunction with a healthy diet and consistency. You should ideally start for 30 minutes at a time for 2-3 days a week and then increase frequency. 

Keep in mind you can work out your jawline while performing other tasks like working at a computer, driving or watching your favorite streaming show on Netflix or Amazon . 

Jawline Exercises for Trimmer Looking Face

If you head over to YouTube there is a plethora of jawline exercises you can indulge in. There are a variety of exercises for those looking for a more chiseled jawline. The varying exercises helps to keep things interesting, and it prevents your jaw and neck muscles from getting used to the same routine. 

To start, you can pick up gum chewing. It’s a great, fun way to start your road to a more chiseled jawline. Just make sure you go with sugar-free gum so that you aren’t getting needless calories.

Chin Ups

Chin-ups target the lower half of your face. To start, close your mouth and slowly move your jaw forward. From there, lift up the lower lip and push up until you start to feel the muscles in your chin and jawline stretch. 

You then want to hold that position for 10 seconds before letting go. Give yourself a breather, and start it again.

Neck Curl-Up

Think of a neck curl-up like an abdominal crunch for your stomach. Lay down on your back and press your tongue to your mouth’s roof. Then bring your chin to your chest. To do this, you’ll need to lift your head about two or three inches off the ground. Shoot for 10-15 reps per set and 3 sets per day to start.

Collarbone Backup

The collarbone backup engages with muscles under your chin. To start, bring your head back several inches until you feel the sides of your neck begin to contract. 

Through this, you want to keep your chest as still as possible. Your chin should be parallel with the floor. After that, you can repeat the motion but push your head forward. 


No, this is not a foreign word but actually an exercise that a lot of male models are rumored to favor. You place your tongue at the roof of your mouth, right behind your teeth and you want to press your tongue firmly against the roof. Create tension hold for a few seconds, release and repeat.  This can easily be done while driving or watching TV. 

Safety Considerations When Working Out Your Jawline

get a more chiseled jawline thru jawline exercises, urth

When doing any of these exercises, you want to start slow like any other exercises. For many people, the muscles in the neck and chin are often underdeveloped. Starting too fast or with too many exercises may cause unnecessary strain on the muscles. If you feel any pain or discomfort at all, pull back and give yourself a break. If the discomfort persists then talk to your doctor. 

Start incorporating these exercises into your weekly workouts to get a more defined jawline and feel more confident in your looks. 

On top of aesthetics, jawline exercises also decrease your chances of winding up with temporomandibular joint disorders as well as chronic pain in the neck and chin. 

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