In a recent video, style icon Tom Ford revealed his wisdom on what truly enhances a man's appearance. Drawing inspiration from his valuable advice and leveraging our own skincare expertise, we have created an essential skincare routine that cater specifically to men's needs. Elevate your grooming regimen with our expert recommendations for healthy, radiant skin.

Wash your face twice daily with a best face wash for men that cleans your skin without drying it out.  

Exfoliate two times per week with a face scrub for men to purge your skin of dead surface cells for natural skincare products to absorb better into your skin to achieve a healthier glow.

Use a concealer stick that matches your skin tone - when in doubt, it’s best to go one shade lighter - and dab it over any blemishes or redness on the face to even out your skin tone.  Use your fingertips to tap and blend the concealer.  

Groom your brows.  A well-groomed set of brows helps frame your eyes.  Once a week, brush your brows up and out and use a tweezer to pluck hairs that are out of place.  You can also use small scissors to trim hairs that are too long.  It’s best to error on the side of caution, so when in doubt, leave it.  As a final step, brush and shape your brows using a brow gel to keep them in place and keep you looking sharp.

Moisturize with a moisturizer with SPF for men during the day and switch to a rich moisturizer with alpha hydroxy and beta hydroxy acids at night to hydrated, repair, and rejuvenate  your skin while you sleep.

Trim your facial hair.  No one looks good with unkept facial hair.  Pick the length that gives the lower third of your face the best shape.  Keep a crisp line into the cheek to shape the upper part of your beard and then trim the hairs along the neckline, blending to the jawline.  Invest in a good quality beard oil or beard balm to keep that facial hair looking healthy.

Don’t forget to moisturize those lips daily, reapplying as needed.  

Be kind to yourself.  Keep in mind that all those “Grooming Gods” we see on Instagram underwent hours of primping to grab that one shot and then it is photoshopped and edited before it is published.