“The Clear Complexion” Men's Skincare Kit


We’ve taken out all the guesswork and created a 3-step men's skincare kit to elevate the daily men's skincare routine. These plant powered men’s skin care products are formulated with chamomile, green tea, ginseng and pure essential oils to cleanse, brighten, nourish skin and protect against signs of aging. Improved and better skin after every use. Perfect for all skin types - including men with sensitive, dry, combo, and oily skin. This is the best men's skincare kit for that special someone! 

The Men's Skincare Kit Includes:

Best Men’s Face Wash 8oz 

The best face wash for men infused with white tea, ginseng and chamomile, calms irritation, soothes redness on face, and balances sebum production for a shine-free, healthy complexion. It is one of the best men’s face wash to rinse away impurities leaving pores clear and skin refreshed without drying out the skin.  

Best Exfoliating Face Scrub for Men 4oz

A face scrub for men with bentonite clay, rice powder and wheat germ is infused with green tea, ginseng, and essential oils to nourish the skin. This best exfoliating face scrub for men delivers a deep cleanse to remove dead skin cells, blackheads on nose and impurities leaving your skin feeling refreshingly clean, smooth, and revitalized after every use. 

Best Face Moisturizer for Men - Antioxidant Face Complex 4oz

A lightweight oil free men's face moisturizer combats oily skin and diminishes appearance of fine lines and wrinkles without leaving a greasy residue. Balances sebum production for a shine-free, healthy clear complexion and reduce redness on face. 


  • Improves skin texture and smoothness 
  • Reduces uneven skin tone and redness on face
  • Reduce blemishes for clearer complexion
  • Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles
  • Protects against signs of premature aging
  • Nourish and hydrate skin with plant powered ingredients
  • Contains no, pore clogging ingredients

      Best men's skincare ingredients and formulations, urth

      “Clean” is not the opposite of dirty or toxic. Plant-powered formulations advanced by science is at the core of who we are. We strive to be as “natural” as we can be, but we also want to deliver a good user experience and for our products to have stability and efficacy. We’ll strive to be transparent about our formulations, so you can feel good about your skin from the inside out. 

      Our men's skincare formulations are infused with essential oil blends to nourish the skin and elevate the senses. 

      Good Ingredients meld with your body and mind — that’s where they make a difference.

      Vegan . Cruelty-free . No Parabens

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      Strongly recommend it

      I agree been using all 3 products and my skin condition drastically changed and improved. I also live in dry climate so it keeps my skin moist. I use it in the morning and evening. Also, my ingrown hair situation has improved as well and I don't get them either. Not going to lie I thought it would not help at first but it did a lot. Once in a while my wife will also use it and she loves Face wash and face scrub.

      Alex W.

      It’s the perfect, low maintenance kit every guy should have!

      James Riley
      Clear Complexion Kit

      Excellent product line! Glad that I read the directions to know to shake the liquid face wash --- works great! The scrub has the right amount of abrasiveness and easy to use. Only need to use a small amount of moisturizer to do the job. Great way to treat your skin!

      Nicolas Calhoun
      Best or the best, top of the line.

      Highly recommend these products. Use daily to keep my face clean, blemish free and youthful.

      Stephen Korczynski
      greatest products

      Very fresh, hydrating, & invigorating. I highly recommend giving them a try and your skin will shine.

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