Taboo alert! Manscaping and shaving men’s genital area is something no men openly talks about and it is definitely something no man is taught but has learned thru reading and trial and error.  Hopefully more success and minimal errors, ouch! 

You might have been taught you to shave your face. But you definitely have never been taught or told about trimming and shaving pubes. Talk about a socially awkward topic.  For anyone who missed that talk, follow our guide to learn how to shave pubic hair for men. 

There are lots of reasons why you might want to trim or shave your male pubic area - it may make you more confident, or give you a lengthening effect or your partner might have asked for it or maybe you’re  just curious and feel it is more hygienic. 

Read on to discover manscaping tips and tricks for trimming and shaving the pubic area. Learn how to avoid discomfort, skin irritation, ingrown hairs on balls, and the sting of disappointment each time someone sees you with a messy and bushy man bush.

Male pubic hair provide a lot of protection and is no doubt physically and emotionally controversial. It is a matter of personal preference - but by design, male pubic hair serves as an important barrier that helps keep out skin irritants and diseases, as well as keeping the testicles warm. Pubic hair also deters irritation around this sensitive area by protecting the skin against friction. Of course, some men opt for the removal of most male pubic hair for a variety of reasons.

Benefits of Shaving Pubic Hair for Males

Shaving your pubic hair might still sound like a taboo to some and friends do not openly talk about it.  But you don't have to look at it as a taboo.  It’s 2024 so drop the shame and look at it as part of overall men’s grooming - Manscaping.  In fact, shaving the men’s genital area can actually be quite beneficial. Not only does it maintain hygienic standards down there, but learning the best way to shave your balls and genital area lets you get up close and personal with that neglected region of your body - which, believe it or not, feels really good! 

While grooming the pubic area isn't necessary for everyone and I respect that. It's an easy and inexpensive way to tidy up the area. Grooming and shaving may even give you that extra bit of confidence behind closed doors with your romantic partner.  

Increased Sensitivity

Learning how to shave pubic hair for men can help you to be more sensitive and familiar with your nether regions. Once trimmed, you’re more likely to feel a heightened level of sensation.  

And if you’re wondering, this heightened sensation applies to both men and women once the pubic area is grooming, trimmed or shaved. The increased sensitivity is due to less hair obstruction and more skin on skin contact. 

Reduce Sweaty Balls

When it comes to grooming or shaving pubes, less is more. You can reduce excessive sweating around your balls by shaving or trimming hair in the pubic region. The less hair there means the heat around your balls will be significantly decreased. Groomed pubic region can also make it easier to reach those pesky areas while showering as well as provide a more modern and aesthetically pleasing overall look. 

Increased Attractiveness

Shaving or trimming your pubic hair is often touted as the best way to increase your attractiveness. It's all because of pheromones. These powerful chemicals that are found naturally in our bodies are held back by our pubic hair, but when we groom, trim and shave them away, they can be released freely. 

Shaving men's genital area, urth

Boosted Confidence

If you're asking yourself should I shave my balls, here's why the answer should be a resounding yes: one study shows that grooming your pubes can boost self-confidence and give your manhood a visual boost in size. Lets face it bald balls just look and feel better.

Enhanced Relationships

Grooming, trimming or shaving your pubic area can be a great way to add spice and novelty to any relationship. It can not only lead to heighten sensations while being intimate with your partner but also enhance the overall sexual experience, especially intercourse and oral sex. 

It is incredibly important to follow safety guidelines on how to shave your balls and how to shave your penis. Always cleanse and prep the area and use sanitized grooming tools specifically for trimming and shaving the area. We recommend doing it after a shower.  Once your pubic hair is grooming, trimmed or shaved, you no longer have to worry about crotch and ball stench before intimate encounters. 

Is it Healthy to Shave Pubic Hair for Males

You may be wondering, “should I shave my balls?” On one hand, it can seem appealing. Smooth and clean shaved privates feels great and increases self-confidence. But, caution should be taken as there are certain risks associated with pubic hair removal. If not properly done, you could be exposed to various bacterial infections leading to spots, bumps or ingrown hairs on balls. 

It’s Important to Prepare for Shaving Male Pubic Hair

Before you start shaving away, it’s important to have the right tools on hand for the job. Not only will having the right tools make shaving a breeze, but it’ll also ensure you avoid those painful nicks and cuts. 

Electric Trimmer with Guards

how to shave down there with electric trimmer, urth

One of the first steps in how to shave your balls is to invest in a good quality trimmer designed for the pubic area. A quality trimmer is specially designed to maneuver through the curves of your pubic area with blades and guard aligned closely to get the job done with little to no irritation. 

Men’s Shave Cream

Men’s shave cream is a must to protect your skin and is the best way to shave your balls. But don’t choose just any men’s shave cream! It’s important to choose a low-foaming shaving cream. Foaming shaving cream is just a bad idea and will make it hard to see when attempting to shave down there. 

urth’s best men’s shave cream is low foaming cream that is designed for shaving your face, but its nourishing and soothing ingredients are just as effective for shaving men’s genital area. 

Men's Shaving Razor & Blades

Just like choosing a trimmer, don’t just use any razor and blade. It’s important to choose quality razors that are sharp and preferably used only for your pubic area to avoid damaging your skin and balls. Always use a new, clean and sanitize blade to ensure you get the job done quickly and swiftly in one clean stroke for a smooth finish. 

Finish off with an Aftershave with Salicylic Acid

Just like your face shaving ritual, finish shaving men’s genital area with a good quality after shave for men.  urth’s salicylic acid post shave serum will help to soothe the area and minimize razor bumps. It is also a poten ingrown hairs serum to minimize and treat ingrown hairs.

How to Trim Your Pubic Hair for Men

Whether you’re doing some minor manscaping or want to shave away everything, you should start by trimming your pubic hair. Use a body trimmer - which is much the same as a hair trimmer but smaller, easier to handle and designed to safely and effectively handle manscaping all over your body. Don’t get aggressive with scissors, a hair trimmer, or a razor just yet. Go in slow with the body trimmer with a guard for the best results and the least chance nicks and cuts. 

When it comes to how to trim pubic hair for men, using a trimmer is the way to go. Before diving right into the trimming, it's important to make sure your trimmer is set at an appropriate length and you have the right guard in — otherwise, you may end up with some unintended results. When wanting to accomplish the perfect shave, it's recommended to start at the longest length or 6mm, before going any shorter with your trimmer. This is the safest way to avoid unsightly cuts and inflictions when removing unwanted hairs down there. Adjustable heights will come in handy when trying to find what works best for you. 

How to Shave Your Balls & Shaft

To avoid nicking this highly sensitive area, learn how to shave your shaft and how to shave your balls safely. The best way to shave is to gently pull the skin taut while going with the grain with a clean sharp razor and rinse blade with hot water between strokes. 

To shave hard-to-reach or see areas, prop one leg on the toilet or bathtub with the other on a non-slip surface. Take your time and adjust your position as you go. It may be helpful to shave in front of a mirror. If you don’t have one, you can place a hand mirror on the floor or another surface adjacent to where you are shaving for a better view. 

    Apply Aftershave with Salicylic Acid to Your Pubic Region

    Once you’re done, rinse and slather on the aftershave with salicylic acid - choose one that doesn’t contain alcohol. You want to soothe your skin, not create pain and irritation. urth’s salicylic acid post shave is a good soothing choice. You may want to continue using aftershave a few times a week after shaving the pubic area. A light application is all it takes. 

    How to Deal with Ingrown Hair on Balls?

    If you've found yourself asking how to shave pubic hair for men without risking a case of irritating ingrown hair on balls, follow these grooming tips:

    • Take a shower or apply warm water to open the hair follicles. 
    • Exfoliate the skin gently to remove and prevent dead skin from traumatizing new hairs from becoming ingrown after the shave. 
    • Always use a sharp and clean blade when shaving. 
    • Use a natural, non-lathering cream while shaving, as lathering creams can irritate sensitive areas like your balls. 
    • Apply an aftershave with salicylic acid.  Reapply a couple of times a day for a week to minimize the risk of ingrown hairs on balls.

    How to Treat Razor Burn on Pubic Area

    Minor irritation such as razor burns typically clear up on their own within a week, but if you’re wondering how to speed up this process, follow these tips:

    • Pat the area dry after a shower rather than rubbing.
    • Skip shaving until the irritation goes away.
    • Apply a salicylic acid post shave to soothe razor burns and minimize razor bumps. 

    Reduce and Prevent Irritation When Shaving Men’s Pubic Area

    When it comes to grooming pubic hair for men, it's obviously an area of the body that requires special care. Poor quality products  can equal disastrous outcomes when you're trying to figure out how to shave your balls. Think razor burn, ingrown hairs, and infected cuts - pubic shaving injury doesn't make for a pleasant time! 

    For this reason, it's absolutely essential to choose your products carefully when considering how to shave pubic hair for men. Opting for good quality men’s shave cream and aftershave is one way of ensuring the best possible shave with minimal irritation.

    Once you’ve trimmed or shaved your pubic area, you’ll only need to revisit the process every few weeks - depending on how fast your hair grows. For hygienic reasons, keep your manscaping tools clean and sanitized. Before every trim, make sure the tools are clean, sanitized and the blades are sharp. This is, without a doubt, the best way to shave your balls. 

    Guys - shaving your pubic area isn’t rocket science. Apply the same rules for maintaining your facial hair, just in cautious way because they’re your family jewels. 

    Remember, you grow pubic hair for a reason - there are reasons to keep at least some of it. Try to remember to trim and remove pubic hair for men every few weeks to ensure easier maintenance. A well groomed pubic region is hygienic and give you an extra boost of confidence.


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