Let’s be honest here; some men just look better and more masculine with a beard. However, many like myself will never know the joys of having a full beard because our facial hairs comes in sparse, patchy or spotty. We're just not blessed with the genetics. 

It can be frustrating when you want to jump on the hipster facial hair trend and your genetics just are cooperating. Many have given up and resigned themselves to a more clean shaven look. But don't give up completely, not just yet!  We know we can't change genetics but there are ways to grow a thicker or fuller beard to achieve that rugged manly look. It may just require a little patience, time, and a tweak in your diet and change of routine. 

Why is My Beard Growing So Slow? 

Patience is a virtue. Unless genetics is on your side, no one gets a full, healthy, thick beard overnight. You have to be willing to go through the various stages of beard growth to get to the results you're envisioning.

There are certain lifestyle habits that can inhibit facial hair growth and make it progress slower than you want. These factors include, poor diet, vitamin deficiencies, low hormone levels and of course genetics. Examine your lifestyle and diet to see how you can address these issues to enhance the speed of growth and the fullness of your facial hairs. 

How to Grow A Beard Faster

There are certain habits you can commit to in order to get a thicker beard faster. None of these are guaranteed to work and results will vary from person to person, but they’re certainly worth a try to see if it helps your efforts. 

Commit to Growing a Beard

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Growing a beard requires commitment.  You want to be certain growing a beard is what you want and commit at least a couple of months to it. If you’re debating whether to shave or not, opt to put a pause on shaving. You need to give your beard a solid couple of months to grow in. Try to settle on a time when you don’t really have anything coming up where you would not be embarrassed to show off a beard-in-progress.

While you're making an attempt to grow the beard just make sure you're still grooming and trimming the facial hair area to give it shape and to manage those out of place facial hairs. Yes, this means shaving those hairs further down the neckline and trimming longer or stray hairs.

Eat a Healthy Nutrient Dense and Protein Rich Diet

You body and the hairs on your body are composed of protein and just like the muscles on your body, the hairs all over requires a  rich protein diet to help sustain its health, growth and luster. Having a nutrient dense and protein rich diet aids in hair growth all over, including the hairs on your face.  It now only helps it grow faster but it will also be healthier as well.

You also want to ensure you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables as well. Vitamins and nutrients are also essential for optimal for hair growth so include those colorful fruits and vegetables such as spinach, asparagus, broccoli, apples, nuts, grains and more as part of your diet as well. 

Stress Management

Stress takes a toll on the mind and body and makes it tough for your body to produce testosterone. A higher level of testosterone is needed to help spur the growth of healthy hairs all over the body including your facial hairs. It’s important to take it easy, relax when possible and manage your stress so your testosterone levels aren't compromised. 

Additionally, stress can lead to poor dietary habits, resorting to drinking and an unhealthy diet. Some men can even pick at their beards, pulling out strands, when stressed. 

Try getting on a routine and getting a good night’s sleep to help regulate your testosterone levels. Sleeping gives your body the opportunity to heal, repair itself, and regenerate testosterone. The key is to make sure you get between seven and eight hours of sleep nightly. 

Have a Men's Skincare Routine in Place

Whether you're trying to grow a fuller beard or not, every man should have a solid men’s skincare routine. An ideal routine involves using the best men’s face wash 2x daily, moisturizing after each cleansing and 2x weekly exfoliations with an exfoliating face scrub for men. This takes care of the skin on your face including the skin underneath your beard because when you have healthy skin, you can grow healthier and thicker facial hair. 

Use Beard Growth Kit

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There are beard care products to help you grown and give you a fuller beard, including beard balms and beard oils. You should consider incorporating these into your men’s skincare routine so your facial hair receives nutrients it needs to grow faster, fuller and thicker. The kit typically contains a beard brush or comb as well as beard wash, beard balm and beard oil.  The beard oils are typically formulated with nourishing nut and grain oils as well as essential oils for a refreshing aroma. The products in the beard growth kit will not only nourish your facial hairs, keep it looking groomed but it will also give it a nice refreshing scent. 

Massage Your Face Twice a Day

Massaging your face and beard area helps to increase circulation to the area.  You can either do this as an added step or just incorporate it into your daily face washing routine and beard care routine.  When washing your face just massage the best face wash for men onto your face and gently massage your face and the facial hair area for 60+ seconds.  This will not only help to give you face a deeper and better cleanse but it will also help to increase circulation to the area. 

If you use a beard oil you can also incorporate a short massage into this step.  Put a few drops of beard oil on your finger tips and gently apply it to your facial hairs.  Now, use your finger tips to apply gentle pressure and massage the area getting the oil on your facial hairs as well as the skin under it.  Massage the facial hair area for a couple of minutes and give your self a little bit of well deserved self care.  

Start Exercising More

Exercise can help bring down your stress levels and it can also boost testosterone levels. It increases blood flow allowing nutrients to reach your facial hair and follicles to boost its health. Your body will also look healthier and your mind less stressed with a regular exercise routine in place. You may be amazed at the results. Eating right and exercising is good for your overall health as well as helping you along your facial hair journey. 

If you're keen on growing a thicker and fuller beard faster, give the above steps a try to see if it helps. Keep in mind that nothing can change your genetics but these steps are non invasive and simple to incorporate into your lifestyle and grooming routine, so good luck! 


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