As an accepted part of men’s grooming, along with using best men's skincare products, you already know the importance of getting haircuts regularly and keeping the facial hairs groomed and trimmed. But did you know that most eyebrows on guys are left untouched and ungroomed? It's a shame if you ask us! A man's eyebrows is one of the most important features to frame the face and highlight the eyes. It can bring structure and balance to the face that can have a dramatic impact on your overall look. 

You definitely want to start giving those male brows some love and care. The payoff for the perfect men's eyebrows is really good and immediate! Getting the perfect men's eyebrow shape to enhance your overall features isn’t hard and there are some simple steps you can do right at home to keep those men's brow looking sharp.

Why Men’s Eyebrows Need To Be Groomed

Men’s eyebrows like other hairs on your body will continue to grow and change.  As we age, a man's eyebrow hairs do not grow and behave as it once did. The man's eyebrow hairs don’t all grow at the same length or in the same directions becoming unkept and unflattering. That’s why it is important to trim men's eyebrows to maintain and upkeep those masculine brows as part of your routine just like you do with the hair on your head. 

Tools for Grooming Men's Eyebrow Shape 

Spooly Men's Brow Brush or a Comb

Most men have a comb handy but if not, pick up an spooly men's brow brush at the local drugstore. To start, brush or comb you eyebrows upwards so you can see the eyebrow shape and which hairs are longer. 

Small Precision Tip Scissors for Eyebrows on Guys

Use the small scissors to carefully trim the men's brow hairs so they’re all the same length. Cut one hair at a time at a slight angle. Cutting multiple strands simultaneously and in a straight line will give you an unnatural, uneven, or sparse look. Start by being a little conservative. You can always go back and cut them shorter to achieve those perfect brows. Thick eyebrows on men are typical of more masculine brows so cut a little at a time until you get those perfect brows.  

Sharp Edge Men's Brow Tweezers for the Perfecting Men's Eyebrow Shape

Man using tweezer for the perfect eyebrows, urth

Comb your eyebrow hairs focusing on the shape. There are many eye brow shapes for men but for now focus on your natural shape. Use the tweezers and remove those out of place stray hairs.  Again, be cautious not to over tweeze.  When in doubt, leave it or just trim it.  Over tweezing can make your brows look thin, sparse and worst than what you started with. 

A Magnifying Vanity Mirror   

Any mirror will do but if you can pick up a magnifying grooming mirror it will allow more precision in grooming guy's eyebrows. Trim brow hairs and tweeze out the stray ones to get groomed, masculine brows.

Different Men's Eyebrow Shape

Groomed and defined men's eyebrow shape can frame your face and eyes giving you a more polished look. The shape can really enhance and sharpen your look. Masculine brows are thicker, natural looking but groomed and not over tweezed. Keeping your natural shape is a safe bet. But if you're looking for a change, consult a men's brow expert to explore a men's eyebrow shape that will enhance your features. Eyebrow shapes for men can be narrowed down to three shapes.

Angular Eyebrows - the shape creates definition and considered the best for men with round faces. 

Round Eyebrows - has a slight arch and compliments men with wide eyes and broad foreheads.

Flat eyebrows - has minimal curve and are ideal for a long face since its horizontal lines makes the face appear shorter in length. 

Again, thick eyebrows on men are equated with more masculine brows but the thickness will depend on how it fits your features. 

Expert Tips for Grooming Men’s Eyebrow Shape

man with perfect eyebrows, urth

Use Men's Brow Gel

Brow gels have been a staple for women for years. Tom Ford, launched one of the first men's brow gels a few years back and it is now gradually becoming mainstream with the well-groomed men.

Men's brow gels can either be tinted or clear.  A tinted men's brow gel will help to shape, hold in place and define your brows. It will also help to make them look thicker, fuller and healthier.  A clear brow gel will the same but with less thickening effect. 

Don’t Wax Men's Eyebrows, please!

Eyebrow waxing is something women do to reshape their brows and make them thinner and more feminine. It doesn’t really work for men! If you're looking to get perfect brows or masculine brows to improve your overall look then stick to trimming and tweezing! Trimming and tweezing is easy for men and can be done at home. Waxing should be reserved for experts and requires a visit to a specialist.  Eyebrow waxing has the risks of irritation, redness and acne between your eyebrows. The only time you might consider waxing is to separate a thick, bushy unibrow. Repeat after me, a unibrow is never ever on trend! 

Find an Expert Specializing in Men’s Eyebrows

A set of eyebrows on guys can alter and change your look, sometimes drastically. If you’re looking to change from your natural shape please consult an expert. A men's brow specialist can help you pick the men's brow shapes that can enhance your facial features.

Not all men are blessed with full, thick masculine brows, If your eyebrows are sparse and doesn’t quite have a thick, full shape. A licensed microblade artist can help you create the illusion of fuller and thicker shaped eyebrows. Men's eyebrows tattoo or microblading for men can create the perfect eyebrows your face and looks completely natural. The cost of microblading is pretty reasonable so it is worth looking into. 

Other Grooming Options for Men’s Eyebrows

Electric Trimmer

Thicker eyebrows on men conveys masculinity. For those who are lucky enough to have thicker, fuller and bushier eyebrows that requires more frequent grooming. Using a beard trimmer with a low setting can make the process faster. Use a comb as a guard and gently trim. This is something barbers will do this if asked. 


Threading has become trendy in the men's brow hair removal world, though this technique isn’t new at all. The process works by quickly rolling each hair between two long, twisted threads. Each hair is ripped out in a similar way to plucking, but much faster (and without the use of tweezers). 

If you've been wanting more perfect brows but unsure how to start grooming those men's brows. Head over to Youtube to find a tutorials on "How to Trim Eyebrows for Men".  There's a plethora of them.  


Microblading is a semi-permanent tattooing technique used for the eyebrows. Microblading can be used on someone with little to no eyebrows by creating an illusion of a more defined, fuller and more masculine brows. The result of microblading for men offers significantly fuller natural looking eyebrows than traditional makeup can offer while eliminating any daily maintenance.

Men are increasingly turning to microblading as a solution to achieve the perfect men's eyebrow shape. As we age, guy's eyebrows can become sparse and patchy, but with microblading men can enjoy natural-looking results for up to 18 months. 


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