Microblading is a semi-permanent tattooing technique used for the eyebrows. Microblading for men can be used on someone with little to no eyebrows by creating an illusion of a more defined, fuller and more masculine brows. The result of microblading for men offers significantly fuller natural looking men's eyebrows than traditional makeup can offer while eliminating any daily maintenance.

Men are increasingly turning to microblading as a solution to achieve the perfect masculine brows. As we age, guy's eyebrows can become sparse and patchy, but microblading for men can create natural-looking results for up to 18 months. 

Although trends may come and go, it seems like microblading for men has become increasingly popular.  Men’s microblading can achieve masculine brows that are completely natural looking and virtually undetectable by those who do not know. A set of full and natural looking men's eyebrows can really make a difference to a man's overall look and has a natural anti aging esthetic effect. 

Scabbing Day by Day Microblading Healing Process

Microblading for men requires a 6-8 weeks for a full recovery period that includes stages of minor pain, swelling, scabbing and color pigment evolution.  The duration can vary and it depends on your skin type and your diligence to aftercare. 

The microblading healing process can feel like it has periods of ups and downs.  There will be time during the process where you will wonder if you got what you paid for and if the process was worth it.  

microblading for men for masculine brows, urth

Days 1-2 Microblading Healing Process

Your brows are puffy, and the area around them is crimson and feels tender to the touch. You might regret getting the treatment done since the pigment appears overly dark and thick looking a little Goucho Mark-ish. This is normal and will self-resolve.

Follow the simple aftercare instructions from your men's microblading artist closely. Avoid getting your newly created brows completely wet or using skincare with actives, sleeping on your face, excessive perspiration, hot tubs, and direct sunshine.

Days 3-5 Microblading Healing Process

After the first couple of days of dark dark brows, a tiny bit of discomfort and feeling self conscious, your brows will start to look better. Although still too dark and intense, those men's eyebrows are gradually beginning to lighten up.  Continue to treat the microbladed area with extra care. If your new masculine brows still appear overly dark, don't worry; this is very normal; the pigments simply haven't had time to set. Trust the process! 

Days 6-8 Microblading Healing Process

The stage of scabbing starts around day 5 and continues for a few days. The microbladed area will start to feel itchy. Even if you might be annoyed, it is not okay to scratch at it. Since the area is still somewhat delicate, scratching could lead to complications. The pigment has only been partially inserted into the skin (just under the basal membrane between the epidermis and dermis). Picking at your scabs can figuratively pull out the colour from larger places, leaving you with patches in those newly created masculine brows. Scratching can also risk removing the ink almost completely.

The scabs appear and then begin to flake naturally. You might even panic if you are unfamiliar with the steps of the healing process. Remember that this is very typical and most people will struggle with scabs as their men’s microblading heals. The skin of some people flakes a lot, while the skin of others seldom ever scabs.

Wait patiently for the scabbing stage to be complete while keeping your cool. Apply an ointment to your brows if your men’s microblading artist advised it and clean your brows frequently. Avoid scratching the skin surrounding your brows because again, you risk removing the color. The pigment can be replaced if you unintentionally scrape and remove it during the touch-up.

Days 8-10 Microblading Healing Process

Your new masculine brows are much lighter than they ought to be and the scabs are beginning to peel off. You might believe that the pigment is being rejected by your skin, but this is typically untrue. Your brows are still healing from all the scabbing and peeling. They are now thin and spotted. It's possible that the new skin underneath the scabs appears unusually light; don't panic, the color will continue to develop and it will become more natural-looking in a few days.

Days 11-28 Microblading Healing Process

The recovery period from microblading for men is almost complete and the hardest part is behind you. The ultimate form of your newly created masculine brows is now taking shape. Some strokes/areas may first appear spotty, but they will eventually become more uniform. You still need to be patient for a little while longer because the microblading healing process is not quite finished yet.

You can be now expect to see a glimpse of what the end result of your masculine brows may look like. You can resume some of your normal daily routines now that the treated area's skin is less sensitive but remember to follow your men’s microblading artist’s directions and avoid specific skincare products with actives that might cause the freshly microbladed masculine brows to fade. The actives to keep away from those new men's eyebrows are Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Beta Hydroxy Acid, Vitamin C and retinol products.  

You can see now more clearly just how the brows look and that the skin has absorbed the pigment towards the completion of the third to fourth week. Don't worry if they're slightly patchy as the follow up session will allow the artist to fill those in. 

The first touch-up should be done 6-8 weeks after the initial men's microblading. However some artists prefer to wait up to 10 - 12 weeks. It's just dependent on your men's microblading artist and what your healed masculine brows look like. To make all the imperfections right, use this touch-up appointment to perfect those masculine brows. It is at this stage that more strokes are added if the brows appear uneven or spotty. The touch up will also give the brows more depth to enhance and perfect the masculine brows. 

Days 28-42 Microblading Healing Process

men's microblading healing process for masculine brows, urth

Finally, the healing phase of microblading is complete. Some men’s brows heal more quickly than others. Again, these factors really depend on: your age, skin type, general health and lifestyle. 

Microblading for men has become more popular for men looking to achieve fuller, bolder and more masculine brows.  Although men unlike women do not tend to tend to openly discuss such elective enhancements with their male friends statistics do show that more men have sought out men's microblading.  

Microblading for men is a process and so is the healing process.  Definitely follow your men’s microblading artist’s aftercare advice and exercise patience during the microblading healing process. The fully healed masculine brows will be worth it, trust us.  

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